Stairwell Photo

Art CV

Over the course of three decades of pursuing artistic passions, Meyer’s accomplishments have included the following:

  • 1987 to 1999. Created the historic WTCsunsets photo portfolio
  • 1996. His ’Toxic Cabal’ novel earned literary representation by an agent who had the artist rewrite the manuscript numerous times before suddenly retiring
  • 2000. Wrote and produced a set of his own one-act plays at the Off-Broadway Tribeca Theatre
  • 2001 to 2007. Literary output included a Noir Novel set in Vegas, a non-fiction manuscript and two screenplays
  • 2007. Opus One Art Gallery. The WTCs were featured shortly after they were unveiled. Created the Double Ought 7 (aka ’007) Lib. Mem. portfolio of photographs of Kansas City’s majestic Liberty Memorial.
  • 2008. Received glowing coverage in screenplay competitions for his movie script ’SurfDiver’, and began the creation of photo series including Juxtapositions - urban landscapes captured in color and black and white through cameras with contrasting fields of view.
  • 2009. Became the most frequently selected Master Class Artist in American Juried Art Salon competitions
  • 2010. ’Approaching a Precipice’, a short film featuring a montage of the WTCs, ran in film festivals in NYC and Delaware
  • 2011. Solo show at O’Douds, on KC’s Country Club Plaza, employed novel LED light box hoods
  • 2012. Won literary representation for a citation-rich non-fiction book which remains unpublished because Meyer lacks a Doctoral degree
  • 2013. Invited by the President of the American Juried Art Salon to produce and offer his ’Nested Art/Shipping Boxes’ on the homepage at
  • 2014. One month show of the WTCs sponsored by the ArtsKC Arts Council. Polished and posted his neo-Noir novel ’Las Vegas Stripped’ online as an e-book.
  • 2016. Emergency Arts Small Spaces show. Selected for their inaugural month-long show, where he mounted four backlit WTCsunsets in 100 percent self-designed and crafted window frames to offer views back in time.