Stairwell Photo

Above is Meyer’s 4-foot-wide, frames within frames WTCsunsets Red, White and Blues construction.

Art CV

In 2021, Meyer will be positioning his WTCsunsets to garner major media coverage around the 20th anniversary of 9/11. His previous artistic enterprises include:

  • 2020. Wrote a mainstream quasi-autobiographical film script featuring the WTCs
  • 2019. Polished his comedic film script ’SurfDiver.’ In 2020, a Scriptapalooza jury selected it to be promoted for a year.
  • 2018. Participated in a month-long group show at the Limner Gallery, in Hudson, New York
  • 2017. Showed several WTCs at the annual ArtExpo event in NYC
  • 2016. Las Vegas Arts Factory show and an Emergency Arts show for which he created four realistic, LED strip backlit WTCsunsets Window Frames. In December, several of his WTCs were part of a group show at Art Basel Miami.
  • 2014. One month show of WTCs sponsored by the KC Arts Council. Posted his neo-Noir novel ’Las Vegas Stripped’ as an e-book.
  • 2013. Invited by to produce and offer his ’Nested Art/Shipping Boxes’ on their homepage
  • 2012. Won literary representation for a citation-rich non-fiction book which remains unpublished because he lacks a Doctoral degree
  • 2011. His month-long solo show at O’Douds, on KC’s Country Club Plaza, employed novel LED light box hoods
  • 2010. His short film ’Approaching a Precipice’, featuring a montage of the WTCs, ran in film festivals in NYC and Delaware
  • 2009. Became the most frequently selected Master Class Artist in American Juried Art Salon competitions
  • 2008. Created the Juxtapositions - urban landscapes captured in color and black and white through cameras with contrasting fields of view.
  • 2007. An Opus One Art Gallery show in Kansas City featured six of his recently revealed WTCs. He also created a portfolio of photographs of KC’s majestic Liberty Memorial.
  • 2001 to 2007. Literary output included a Noir Novel set in Vegas, a non-fiction manuscript and two screenplays
  • 2000. Wrote and produced a set of his own one-act plays Off-Broadway
  • 1996. His ’Toxic Cabal’ novel earned literary representation by an agent who had him rewrite it numerous times before suddenly retiring
  • 1987 to 1999. Captured the historic WTCsunsets photo portfolio on 35mm film