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My adherence to the principles of Straight Photography pays homage to the grandeur of the real world. Informed by an artistic sentiment hewed from reflection and honed by experience, I work with great patience to compose and capture definative impressions of select moments in time.

Entries from the award-winning WTCsunsets series have won selection a record number of times at the American Juried Art Salon. The portfolio was kept private until 11⁄11⁄06 out of sensitivity to the victims of 9⁄11.

The WTCs are the result of my having observed nearly 4,000 sunsets from the Christadora House, an historic National Registy building which towers over the East Village at Ninth Street and Avenue B. Most represent the only photo I composed on that particular night, and the collection was further limited by a suspicious turn-of-the-century warehouse fire.

My body of work includes the ’Illusions’, ’Juxtapositions’ and ’Double Ought 7 Lib. Mem.’ photo series plus five book-length manuscripts. I am in the process of securing literary representation, and a section of my satiric novel about New York and the Hamptons during the year 2000 market meltdown can be accessed under the ’my Links’ button.

Backlit WTCsunsets Window Treatments - Created in 2016 for the Emergency Arts ’Small Spaces’ Show
The Outside Dimensions of the WTC W.T.s are just 11 by 14 by 1.1 inches

Photo Portfolios--Besides the below images, this link is to examples from several of my portfolios, albeit cropped by Artavita’s autobot.

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