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Bradley Jay Meyer Bio

Meyer was born in Winterset, Iowa, the birthplace of John Wayne and the heart of the Bridges of Madison County. He spent much of his childhood growing up on an idyllic Kansas City lake. After graduating from the University of Denver he lived in New York City for 24 years.

His creative output includes having directed and produced a set of his own plays Off Broadway, written and shot short films, crafted several screenplays and book-length manuscripts, and twice had a literary agent retire on him. He’s now seeking his third book agent and a manager in Hollywood. WTCsunsets of his have won selection in numerous competitions, and been up in eight art shows.

Professionally, he worked as a stockbroker on Wall Street during the 11 years in which he captured the WTCs. He got out at the market top in 2000, then served as a strategist and Chief Writer for two NYC Investor Relations firms. Subsequent consulting work included executing an investment banking deal, developing business plans and marketing materials for several companies, and performing patents research and writing. More recently, he performed marketing and software sales roles as the VP of Customer Solutions at Xtraction Solutions.