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My adherence to the principles of Straight Photography pays homage to the grandeur of the real world.

About the historic WTCsunsets photos

The WTCsunsets are the result of my having observed 4,000 sunsets from a storied National Registy building that towers over the East Village at Ninth Street and Avenue B. Most represent the only photo I composed on that particular night, and the collection was further winnowed by a suspicious turn-of-the-century warehouse fire.

The portfolio was kept private until 2006 out of sensitivity to the victims of 9/11. To greatly enhance their appreciation potential, each of the 16 photos has been limited to a mere 5 signed and numbered prints.

Now that the 20th anniversary of 9/11 is approaching, I will be positioning them to recieve major media coverage at that time.

Shown below is WTCsunsets #4, aka Faces in the Cloud This may well become the most famous WTC because of the dark-winged angel one can see hovering overhead.

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