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Are my historic WTCsunsets now the best value proposition in the art market? Time will tell. What we do know is that one of Cindy Sherman’s 10 signed prints of her ’Untitled, Number 96’ selfie photo sold for $3.9 million, while my few remaining 3 of 5 WTC prints are barely one-thousandth of that price. Thus, they could appreciate greatly and still be fetching only one percent of the record for contemporary prints. Prices for my number 4 of 5 prints will be more than 100 percent higher.

Entries from this award-winning porfolio have already won selection a record number of times at the American Juried Art Salon. Limited to a mere 5 signed and numbered prints each, they were kept private until 11/11/06 out of sensitivity to the victims of 9⁄11.

The WTCs are the result of my having observed nearly 4,000 sunsets develop from near the top of the Christadora House, at Ninth Street and Avenue B. Most represent the only photo I composed on that particular night. The collection was further limited by a suspicious turn-of-the-century warehouse fire.

Many of the 16 photos can be seen and requested below. Meanwhile, my growing body of works, including most of the 16 WTCs, other photo series, an e-book and free weekly chapters of my satiric ’sToxic Cabal’s novel about New York, the Hamptons and Wall Street during the year 2000 meltdown can be found on the ’my Links’ button and by clicking HERE.

To accelerate their visibility, the cover to Toxic Cabal utilizes the WTCsunsets photo shown above.My rather amusing 3 minute Art Home Tour can be seen HERE.

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